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1st Bday blues….

My Baby Boy...Growing up..

Cade’s 1ST Bday

Okay…the 1st B-day…a day met wieth excitement and apprehention….I mean you think this being my 5th child it would have come off without a hitch….wrong.  Depression set in…Partly because my sweet baby boy is turning 1,on a journey from babyhood to boyhood…and partly because its been a year since his birth and I still have about 8-10 lbs to go on weightloss…not to mention I am not um…as firm…everywhere anymore…TONE TONE TONE…I know what to do…how to do it (I used to work as a trainer and have the dgree and certification to prove it).  However, what the know how doesn’t help is the lack of time…energy and gym thaty offers childcare…ugh… so I do my crunches in between laundry loads…do my squats while cooking… chilren think I am insane, but they will see..gravity is NOT your friend…And, even though his bday is part saddened by my realization of these things….


Back to school..

Ok…I know alot of mamas get a excited about back to school…me not so much…the unscheduled days of summer are SOOOO much more aqppealing to me then the hectic days of school, sports,homework, “I FORGOTS” withme running to the schools and back twenty times..AAAGGHHH!!  My kiddos are 11,10,8,5,and 1….my husband works out of town all week and is only home on the weekend,we live on a small farm in Ohio so I have that to tend to alone when he is away, and I work from home for a company called willowhouse{KEY 30 SECOND COMMERCIAL:  Check out my website  For AWESOME Home design Products and for more info on how you too can work from home….}  Sorry it’s a living….ok back to my life and things here are NEVER boring…I decided to start blogging as an outlet…and because no one would ever believe the things that go on here….example…as I am typing on my laptop at my bar in the kitchen my 5 year old,Kyla (who by the way starts Kindergaren this year but in some cruel joke they are staggering the start dates of the kids so it has been a melt down every morning when the other 3 catch the bus…”It’s not fair!!1  I am in school too!!  I wanna wear my new TUTU!!! ”  {More shrieking !!!} )  anyway…right now, she is at the window beside me with our 1 year old Cade and has the window open and is playing fetch with our German Shepard ,Hussan(the window screen had long ago been mangled in a extreme game of hide and seek…).  They are throwning the rock(yeah this dg chooses a rock as a toy even though weare surounded by trees and I would thing a stick would feel much better)and Hussan is dropping it back into hte window while Dora The Exploer blares in the background and the baby, Cade says “backpack, backpack)…I am going into my own little world typing away for just a few  wonderful oblivious moments away from the apple juice that is now pouring down our cabinets…ahhhhh…I need another cup of coffee.

Hello world!

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