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GIVE AWAY for November 1st..

Mini birdhouses are precious as placecard holders — ours include a beautifully designed loop that can be used for hanging or to hold a placecard or picture. Try them as ornaments on your holiday tree! Designed for decorative use only. Not for extended outdoor use. Set of three; one of each color. :: 3″ square x 6 1/2″ tall

The drawing will take place at 11:59PM on November 1st. HURRY !! Read prevoius posts for rules.



Okay, all of you who have never heard of MOMAUDIENCE you are missing out!! I accidently came across them and now I am hooked. As a work from home mama I am always looking for ways to share my business and momaudience is a BIG BIG help!! RThey are hosting a GIVEAWAY EXPLOSION and I have decided to host some of their givaways. Here is the deal It starts NOVEMBER 1 and ends NOVEMBER 5. Get on mom audience and join (1 ticket for each day of the giveaway), get on my blog and subscribe(1 ticket for each day of the giveaway), go to my website and subscribe to my monthly newsletter(1 ticket for each day of the giveaway), and leave a post here on the blog what you would do witht the product if you won it (1 ticket for each day of the giveaway). ALSO…REFER friends and family to do the same and you get MATCHED tickets (1 for everyone 1 ticket they earn)!!! HURRY!!! Get started now!!!

Chocolate Divas

Can dogs be embarrassed??

Princess Kyla and Princess Hussan

All divas should crave chocolate.

I have learned that one cannot choose the way their child will be. No amount of hoping or planning will change the personality that is inevitably theirs from conception. Some may argue with me in that fact but I knew the difference in personality while the child was still in utero. Everyone of my five children are wonderfully, beautifully, and frustratingly their own person. I love everyone one of my children equally and differently as is needed when you have different children. My five year old, Kyla I am fairly certain is several personalities all rolled into one. She is the sweestest child with the biggest ideas, the biggest imagination and the biggest stubborn streak. She is like a bulldozer as #4 in our family and it is not unheard of to witness her being used as a battering ram while clad in a pink ruffled dress. She has zero fear and zero will power against chocolate.

This being said, typical days in our household are far from typical. Kyla’s best friend (a 100 lb. German Shepard named “Hussan”) and her play all types of imaginary games. Kyla always plays the part as a princess of some type and at times Hussan gets to be one as well. I watch them play their games, “tea party”, “school”, “house”, and countless others, Hussan tagging right along even while being force fed dirt and leaves for “supper”. I am amazed by this child so witty and frustating and beautiful all at the same time. The perfect balance of class and adventure…ruffles and mud, while of course maintaining the status of “diva” while of course eating chocolate 🙂 God has a way of showing us his amazing wonder in life through the eyes of a child.