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Oh Lynette Mattke…where can you be??

All the winners should start receiving their winnings soon…YAY!! Except…Lynette Mattke…sigh. Shame, shame Lynette you have not emailed me your address. If you are no longer wanting the Avery Birdhouses you won please let me know so I can relist them as a GIVEAWAY:-)


Mama’s mayhem…the good the bad and the ugly

Ok..the last few weeks have me wondering what I did wrong. I mean…it HAS to be something. In two weeks we have had 1 major water leak(my yard is now bearing the holiday guest welcoming giant hole…yay…the joys of homeownership), 5 kids with the stomach bug (Yes, that’s right it was like a very WRONG sequel of the Exorsist….but trust me… this was certainly NOT pea soup! Yuck!), 1 kid scheduled for surgery(Yeah…surgery..not the bad kind thank God, just the DUMB kind. The kind where the orthodontist you paid almost $4000 puts metal in your 11 year old’s mouth and it splits her tongue…YEP her tongue. Don’t ask. So we have an appointment at Children’s with a plastic surgeon now to spend MORE money on her mouth….SOOOoo needless to say Santa will be gettin Mama socks for Christmas and NOT the ring from Fred Meyer’s jewelry that she SO been crushing on….sigh.), not to mention the tedious day to day stuff that has me about to go over the edge of sanity…why do the kids AND my husband feel the need to leave trails like Hansel and Gretel all through the house for me to pick up. I mean I KNOW where they are! Ugh…I mean maybe I just will do it…let go of all reality let everyone else pick up the slack as I sink in to the bliss of being completely insane. Nah would’t work…. the slack would not be picked up it would mound up until it was so bad my OCD would take over and I would have to do it anyway..and they know that. Darn them!


Nov. 1st .. Avery Birdhouse Trio….WINNER: Lynette Mattke
Nov. 2nd.. Prism Glass Ornaments….WINNER: Regina Tarter
Nov. 3rd.. Fireside Stocking Hanger….WINNER : Julie@knitting sundries
Nov. 4th.. Jolly Holiday Stocking… WINNER : TERRI S.
Nov. 5th.. Herald Angel…. WINNER : Jennifer C.

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS! Check back often for more giveaways! Be sure to check out my website and check out my e-outlet! Selections change weekly and are up to 75% off with items shipping directly to you. GREAT & EASY option for your Christmas shopping.

All the winners email me at with shipping information.

GIVEAWAY November 5th!!!

Adorable for Christmas or even year round.

Our designers took inspiration for this beautifully graywashed angel from Santos carvings, traditional religious folk art. :: 7 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ x 15″ tall

GIVEAWAY November 4th!!!

Simply adorable Christmas Stockings!!

Elf approved -— our stocking is so magical, you might just check for fairy dust! Classic Christmas colors showcase handworked embroidery, and the cuff is large enough for monogramming. You’ll love it! Coordinates with our Jolly Holiday Table Runner. :: Cuff is 8″ wide; toe is 11″ wide; stocking is 17 1/2″ tall

FALL is here Y’all

FALL is here Y’all.

FALL is here Y’all

The crisp days ,colorful leaves, yummy food and beautiful tablescapes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL!! Not only do the leaves look GORGEOUS but I love the food! YUMMY now is when I start thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and the bounty that awaits!

In the fall spirit I have decided to make Pumpkin Bread Pudding tomorrow with all the kids! So yummy! I will take PLENTY of pics! (My family gets order from chaos, but I love em anyway so no judgement! LOL) What is your favorite recipes? Get cooking and get cozy! Get your kiddos to help, or cook alone and post the end results, including pics and your recipe! Let’s show what we are really THANKFUL for!! (Chaos and all!)