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We should weep for the loss in Joplin.

So So sad the tragedy that struck Joplin, MO. Not only was the town left in rubble but so many lossed their lives. But as sad and tragic as that is the biggest tragedy was commited by Westboro Baptist Church. Our youth leader at our church and his wife are from the town of Joplin and The comments of this church were brought to my attention on his blog:
Thank God for 125 dead in Joplin…. God is having His way in the whirwind! The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet, Nah 1:3. Too many dead bodies to bury! That’s God’s glory!

For years Missouri has maltreated God’s servants, trying every way humanly possible to silence the Westboro Baptist Church….. Missouri is a filthy rebellious place! God wiped out one-third of Joplin with His tornadoes! ”Surreal” says your emergency manager. Praise God – we pray for more tornadoes and more dead!


Just unbelievable that a CHURCH that claims to teach the Holy Word of God could get it SO very wrong. Do you really think God rejoices in such tragedy?? Do you think he rejoices at the death of all those people and the pain and the despair?? No! He weeps.
This Westboro Baptist Church has not answered God’s call. We are to help those in those suffering…help those searching. And yes, Greatness can come out of Great tragedy but the Greatness is not in the tragedy itself but in what we God’s people do in the face of this tragedy. It is up to us to show the broken a healing Power, God’s Power. To hurt when they hurt, rejoice when they rejoice and give them Hope. I will pray for Westboro Baptist Church along with Joplin, their tragedy is far Greater.


It’s so easy…which makes it hard

* It’s so easy to get you mind thinking about so many different things…which makes it hard to focus on God’s plan for your life.
* It’s so easy to stress about perfection….which makes it hard to relax.
* It’s so easy to plan so much for the future….which makes it hard to enjoy the present.
* It’s so easy to lose sight of your path..which makes it hard to find your way.
* It’s so easy to give good advice…which makes it hard to evaluate yourself.

Why I am me…

We had my parents, my granparents on my dad’s side and my grandpa from my mom’s side (my grandma passed away 9 years ago) over Saturday for dinner along with my sister and her hubby. My brothers were missing from the mix so was Chad (who us just as crazy as the rest of us an why I love him! lol) so for our family it was semi calm….for our family. If you were able to see what all goes on you would understand why I am who I am. My family is a sitcom…no joke when Chad first came into the family her thought that we should bug their house with a hidden spycam and sell it …and the sad truth is it would sell.. Growing up my friends would BEG to come3 to my house just to see what was going on. My dad is a hyperactive joker with Peter Pan syndrome who lives to torment my mother who by her own admission “lost her sense of humor 30 years ago”. And of couse following in my father’s footsteps my brothers are the same way. Now all of you who know me pretty well know I am a big joker too…in the RIGHT situations and when my family gets together it becomes a big ‘ol funfest. We are all super goofy…and its all Dad’s fault. My dad is known for his “baby walk” which is SO flippin FUNNY!! Growing up I wanted to run away from all the chaos but at 2 hours away from my family now I get it in enough small spurts to enjoy the humor…much to the distaste of my mother who stated “you just don’t help and you egg your father on, Maria”… to which I just laughed…. Long live Peter Pan.

Remember what is important…

Okay… I am the world’s WORST blogger…I am just SO random … unless some one asks me for a post about something I just do it from time to time..but between 5 kids and the yardwork etc. I have 2 blogs and run 2 websites so its ususally just one more thing to do. However, I felt led to post about this.

My husband( for all of you who don’t know) was called out to Alabama last Thurs. (He is a Lineman) to work on restoration. He has just seen SO much devastation! And he has told me about this little 2 year old that is missing and my heart is just BREAKING for its parents! I am asking for everyone to pray for this family and all of the other families that have lost a loved one. It has hit too close to home for me because my youngest will be 2 on the 18th and I can not fathom the heartbreak. I just pray God strenghtens them through all of this!
It has made me think about my own life. I am the world’s worst for worrying. All of you that know me tease me about being OCD. But when it comes down to it does it REALLY matter if I am 2 loads of laundry behind? I know my children are a blessing from God and I think I focus SO much on what I don’t do perfect or stressing about how to get it ALL done or worrying about what went wrong that I am taking alot for granted. I am sure that parent of that sweet 2 year old doesn’t care about the possesions she lost or bills that are due she is worried about her child. I know I will still worry some…it’s just me but my prayer is God show me how to let some of it go.