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12 times to say “I am sorry”…

Say “I’m Sorry” (and really mean it) whenever you…
• Are wrong.
• Are rude.
• Are defensive.
• Are impatient.
• Are negative.
• Are hurtful.
• Are insensitive.
• Are forgetful.
• Are confused or confusing.
• Have neglected, ignored, or overlooked something important to the one you love.
• Have damaged, misused, or impaired something that is not yours (even if it was an accident).
• Have not said “I’m Sorry” as sincerely and quickly as the situation warranted.


I am an auntie again..

Isaiah Walker McKinley

YAY!! This is not my first “Auntie” experience I have a 3 year old nephew from my brother and his wife but this is the first from my little sister.
Her and her hubby welcomed Isaiah Walker McKinley into the world on May 24, 2011 at 3:10 PM at 9LB 13oz and 22 inches long. It was very happy and very emotional for me! I was a mess at the hospital while she was in labor trying to have him and an even bigger mess when they ended up having to do a C-section (because he was the size of a small linebacker and wouldn’t fit).
It was a weird emotion when they took her back to do the surgery. She is a lot younger than me and I have always kinda played the second mother role with her and my instinct was to protect her from it all, but I couldn’t. And all that I could think of was what a mess I would be when it was my children’s turn to experience life without me. Was I preparing them correctly??? Would they freeze at the first encounter of distress or would they sail through whatever came their way fine?? I hope for the latter….but odds are out of 5 kids I am bound to mess one of them up…ugh.
I am by nature a fixer. I want to fix everything and make it better. Thatr has been one of my struggles as a Christian is sometimes just having to let it all go and let God handle it. I am getting better, but standing in that hallway I struggled. Even though I could not fix it I wanted to. Even though she is a grown woman and her and her hubby have their own lives now the big sister in me wanted to way-lay the Dr. that made her cry when they told her that she would need a c-section, but I couldn’t. I had to just let it go. Just say a small prayer that it would go smoothly and leave it to God’s will. Because that is why they call it God’s will and not “Maria’s will”….. I have no say so. And, that’s probably a good thing.