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High Pressure

More and more women I talk to are felling the pressure.
Feeling the burden.
Feeling inadequate.

As a “modern” woman we are expected to rear the children, care for the home, do our Christian duty and serve the community, serve the church, serve our husbands, bring in an income, and keep everything in order in the home and in our lives..not to mention the pressure to be physically atractive (and by todays standards that is no easy task).

The pressure mounds, and mounds and mounds.

The more I talk to women the more I realize I am not the only one feeling the pressure. The pressure to feel ..good enough. The unrealistic expectations of television wives with emmaculate homes, fresh manicured landscaped lawns, delicious (and I am sure 100% organic) five course meals served on perfectly set tables, plenty of time to hit the gym, meet some friends, go to the salon and be home in time for dinner with the husband and kids looking like they just stepped out of Vogue magazine.


That is exhausting just thinking about it. I struggle some days more than others but all of that is on the ain’t gonna happen list!

So how did it happen?? How did we put all of this pressure on our selves to acheive more and more??

And how do we fix it?

I would LOVE to say I have all the answers but sorry honey …this ain’t that kida blog. This is the blog of a perfection seeking but never achieving woman. And I am in that same boat of never feeling like I measure up. But I think we ALL need to team up and decide that our BEST is GOOD ENOUGH!

We are our own worst enimies. I know by talking with my hubby that he is never thinking what I think he is thinking.

That he is not worried that I didn’t get the house PERFECT (or even close for that matter) before he came home.
That he is not wondering why I decided that frumpy is the new sexy for the day.
That he does not care my plans of having a quiet evening together blew up in our face with us instead carting our kids to the practices I THOUGHT was tomorrow.
That he is not mad when I tell him I was in a rush and thought the tractor in a higher gear would be ok and I hit the house ( in my defense we a renovating and going to be residing the house anyway).

He is happy that I love him, love the kids, and try my best to be a good wife and mother. He is happy that we are a team. And, I should be too.

I know this and I am good at preaching it…still working on following it:-)


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Kitchen Renovation & Mama’s INSANITY

Ok I have LESS than half a kitchen right now and LESS thatn half a nerve left. But, I have been able to laugh about it at least.. so that’s a good thing.(I think…unless that is the first signs I have completely lost it)

Oh well, Either way…..SO far we have had three “emergencies” this morning.

One.. the water shut off wouldn’t actually shut off the water. It was scary for a moment as buckets kept filling and filling and filling until one of the guys made it up our 900ft driveway to the main shut off at the road….awesome.

Two ..the countertops are not even in and will not be til the end of the week AT LEAST….YAY.

And, three.. most awesome of all the sink will not fit without some MAJOR difficulty which they say they don’t feel comfortable doing…ugh.

AHHH…LOL..Lord give me the NERVES OF STEEL I so NEED!!

WARNING…this is disturbing but HAD to post…

I get newsletters from Crosswalk delivered to my email and came across this article. I HAD to repost this.

China: Baby Corpses Reportedly Cannibalized for ‘Stamina’ Pills
Baptist Press Staff
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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24PrintEmailChinese pharmaceutical companies are grinding up dead babies into stamina-enhancing pills, according to a South Korean television network.

A documentary team from SBS TV, formerly known as Seoul Broadcasting Station, reported on the gruesome practice, according to the International Business Times (IBT), an online business newspaper published in 10 languages.

Hospitals and abortion clinics in China cooperating in the trade quickly contact drug firms when a baby dies. The deaths normally are by still birth or abortion. The companies reportedly buy the corpses, store them secretly in refrigerators, place them in medical drying microwaves and grind them into powder. The powder is placed in capsules for sale as stamina boosters, it was reported.

“These babies deserve a decent burial; instead they are ground up for someone’s fountain-of-life elixir,” said ethicist Ben Mitchell, who added that there have been other cases of people using embryonic or fetal tissue for cosmetic purposes.

“It’s barbaric. Not only is this the logical conclusion of forfeiting the sanctity of human life,” said Mitchell, professor of moral philosophy at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and a consultant to Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, “but it is also why we ought always to require pharmaceuticals to be produced in the light of day where everyone can see the source of their drugs.

The Global Times, a Chinese English-language newspaper, reported that an undercover SBS TV team followed a source to a house in China where a woman said she had stored dead babies in her refrigerator as ingredients for the pills. The team purchased some pills directly from the woman and sent one to South Korea’s National Forensic Service, where DNA tests showed they were 99.7 percent human. IBT reported that even the baby’s gender could be identified and that the tests also revealed hair and nail particles in the powder.

“I know this is gross and disturbing,” Thomas Peters, cultural director at the National Organization for Marriage, wrote in a blog post for the pro-life organization Live Action, “but this sort of practice is the danger we run as a society when we cease to respect human life at all stages — we can be misled into treating unborn children like ‘raw material’ and not like the unique human beings they are from their first moment.”

The Global Times reported on Aug. 10 that China’s Ministry of Health said it has launched an investigation into SBS’ claims.

“China has strict regulations on disposing of the remains of infants, fetuses and placentas,” health ministry spokesman Deng Haihua said at a news conference, according to the Global Times. “We are firmly against the trading of human bodies or organs.”

While the Global Times says Chinese laws and regulations prohibit human corpses from being traded or treated as medical waste, the paper also reported that the remains of infants have been mishandled in the past, citing 21 corpses dumped in a river by hospital workers in 2010.

IBT reported that SBS also alleged there is a business network between China and South Korea to satisfy demand for the baby capsules in the South Korean market.

A South Korean embassy official told the Global Times on condition of anonymity that the South Korean government is aware of the baby capsule reports and is investigating.

“South Korean customs are trying to track down any buyers or sellers,” the official said. “The authorities do not have any evidence so far that supports the documentary’s allegation, but human ingredients would certainly be considered illegal in South Korea — if it is really happening.”

Compiled by Tom Strode, Washington bureau chief for Baptist Press; John Evans, a writer in Houston; and Art Toalston, editor of Baptist Press.

Publication date: August 17, 2011

Sorry to disturb anyone else, but THIS is EXACTLY the type of world we are dealing with.

Country Pool

Country Pool

Our Country Pool

Every year as soon as it starts warming up the same argument commences….whether or not to get a pool. Well, the kids are the salesmen on the subject. My hubby (aka scrooge) won’t even visit the subject stating they can swim in the pond for free.

Okay…here is the REAL scoop. YES….I have to agree right now we need to finish making our home fit us (if you have read some of my previous posts you know I am living with seven people in a 2 bedroom home and am on the verge of a nervous breakdown). However, I agree with the kids on the fact swimming in the pond is NOT the same. And after we get the house renovation completed ( assuming I am not housed in a mental institution by that point) I am going to work on the pool idea….cause mama wants a pool too 🙂

Lukewarm Christians?

Lukewarm Christianity….sounds like a misnomer right? Well, it seems to be a scary trend among believers. But, if we truly believe are we not also called to follow? To live it? To absorb it? To need it with a passion?

I visited my grandmother’s church recently, everytime I leave there wonder HOW it happened. That was a church I grew up in. A church my grandfather was the pastor of until he died 11 years ago this month. A church that was so loving, so giving, so faithful, so..different.

The pews hold only a handful most services now, 90% of them my family memebers. The pastor, while a good man has the look of a man who has given up. The church is mainly elderly set in their traditions. The main focus of the service being “counted” in the pew and having your bible “counted” which gets put on the wall with attendence.

The sermons are generally the same now, studies on the gospels…while wonderful and needed no impact is put on the members half of them nap through the service.

The pastor, meaning well, has turned away peope seeking to come into the church because of sins obvious to the world ( one being an unwed mother). The “Covenant” posted on the wall acts as their lives rules for membership to the church. While all great rules to live by, they remind me of the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.

My heart breaks at the memories of what used to be, and longs to be sure the church I attend now and have grown to love NEVER falls into that.

Adam posted on his blog “SAVED PEOPLE SERVE”. I challenge you to take that to heart and pray about it. Are you showing up to be “counted” or are you showing up because it COUNTS?? Hopefully the latter.

Something to think about…

I heard something the other REALLY made me think.

What if you woke up tomorrow ONLY with what you thanked God for today?

WOW…now that’s a scary thought. I feel like I thank God alot and pray alot but THAT thought made me think.

What would you wake up with tomorrow??