Monthly Archives: March 2012

Busy…busy…but blessed


Life has been insanely crazy lately and I have not had a spare moment to write a thing.  Between the normal day to day Mama routine I am bottle feeding three newborn goats and let me tell ya that’s a job! 

I just wanted to touch base to remind everyone to pray for the tornado victims of Friday’s tornado.  My husband (lineman) has been called out working the storm and the devastation is unbelievable.  I hear stories that breaks my heart. 

If you feel the need to give (they are needing food, clothing, diapers formula, etc I know Piner Baptist Church in Piner, Ky is helping the victims as well as Grant County High School In Dry Ridge, Ky. 

There are other places such as West Liberty, Ky where my dad (also a lineman has been on storm duty).  I don’t know who in that area is handling relief but if you contact your local Red Cross they can point you in the right direction.

It seems just as I start to feel overwhelmed by day to day life, God reminds me how blessed I really am.