Life is a juggling game some times we need some help..

I am the wife of a wonderful man and the mama of 5 kiddos. They keep me hopping! We live on a small farm in Ohio and I work from home for a wonderful company named Willow Hosue. It has been great for me. Some days are better than others here but life is NEVER boring. I juggle home, farm, work, kids sports, church, etc like every other mama. Some days I feel like all my balls I am juggling are going to come crashing down but then I wake up the next day and I am able to keep on juggling. I know I am not alone on this journey, there are lots of mama’s just like me struggling with the day to day. Women today are expected to be good house keepers, good cooks, a good wife, a good mother, good at finances, good at EVERYTHING all while looking complately sexy and fashionable for our husbands…and it is EXHAUSTING! This is a place to laugh, to cry, to share, to support and anything else WE need for a change. To make things better and easier for each other and to lift a helping hand to those who need it.


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