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Handmade Valentine for the girls…

This is an easy valentine for a girl.

Basic instructions are:

1.) Take a tootsie roll pop and attach googly eyes with a dot of glue.
2.) Make the wings from cardstock (construction paper will work but won’t be as firm).
3.) With scissors, cut two slits with scissors to be able to slide in the tootsie pop.
4.) Around the edges of the wings write desired message.
5.) Slide in the tootsie pop to create the head and body.
6.) Embelish with stickers, if desired.

🙂 Enjoy!


Sibling Rivalry

I would love to be able to say that the pic above is the roughest it gets around here with my brood…but it’s not.

Jayleyn and Alyssa, being 15 months apart, may possibly mame one another permanantly at some point. I spend 90% of the time they are home playing referee….a job I never thought I would have to do.

When they were small they were BEST friends…and now…ugh…

It may quite possibly be my fault. I dressed them like twins….treated them like twins and bought them everything THE SAME. Maybe they had to try SO hard to make me realize they are so different that they have turned on each other in the process.

Who knows?? All I know is I pray that they learn to love each other and support each other….

My Baby turned 13 yesterday..

My oldest daughter turned 13 yesterday:-( {That pic is actually from Christmas because I haven’t had time to download any others …but don’t judge me it was recent….lol}

It’s so WEIRD to have to say”teen” after her age now! I guess that’s part of life… but its hard not to get a lil misty eyed thinking about her curl- headed lil self when she was little, she was so cute and sweet…and now…well….she is still cute. LOL.

Ahhh…on now to the teenage years of makeup and dating {gag}. Just keep me in your prayers…well probably oughta keep her in your prayers…cause I have been planning my retaliation for years. Muah Ha Ha

Kentucky Timeout…??

I love my friends…but some of them are smart elics… know who you are.

Just to recap..we had Kyla’s (my 6 year old daughter) Christmas Program last night at her school. She was an angel in the Nativity scene (which on a side note I am blessed that their school STILL does Nativity scenes..YAY!).

Well, Chad(my husband) has been working day…and night because Duke has scheduled outages this week……ANYWAY…he wasn’t able to come and I had to take ALL the kids by myself to watch the program including Cade my 2 year old ball of energy.

To make a LONG story short Cade was not good (shocker) and apparently it didn’t go unnoticed… so this morning I got an email from a friend that said they found my solution for next time. I scrolled down and it was this picture with KENTUCKY TIMEOUT. LOL.

The sad part is I just got on Amazon and ordered a case of Duct tape……..kidding…kinda.