Just Fess Up!

Talking with someone today I know {…ok well I will rat him out cause he is in trouble with me anyway…It’s my brother…yep I am a tattle tale} I just wanted to SCREAM!

You know when you are getting bald-faced lied to …and it’s OBVIOUS and they still keep lying…and lying…and lying…

Well I was like.. COME ON! You are busted just FESS UP!

But..no…more lying..

It got me thinkin..How many times have we been COMPLETELY busted with God and still….we try explaining, covering up, lying to ourselves,hiding, ignoring……you get the point. Do we really think God doesn’t know? Doesn’t see through our smoke screen?

He made us. He knows our hearts. He knows the darkest side of our minds that we are too ashamed to let people see.

We all have struggles. Hiding them, lying about them, and explaining them away allows them power over us.

I challenge you today (and YOU too oh brother of mine)..dig deep….

what are your struggles??
Confess them!
Seek help from someone you trust to help you!
Pray that God helps you in this area!

…just don’t ignore them.



We all have our methods to get inspired…and we all have our areas that need inspiration…

How do you get inspired?

What is your inspiration?

too funny..

Okay this made my day after my sob story post earlier…so I thought I would share to make yours 🙂

Sibling Rivalry

I would love to be able to say that the pic above is the roughest it gets around here with my brood…but it’s not.

Jayleyn and Alyssa, being 15 months apart, may possibly mame one another permanantly at some point. I spend 90% of the time they are home playing referee….a job I never thought I would have to do.

When they were small they were BEST friends…and now…ugh…

It may quite possibly be my fault. I dressed them like twins….treated them like twins and bought them everything THE SAME. Maybe they had to try SO hard to make me realize they are so different that they have turned on each other in the process.

Who knows?? All I know is I pray that they learn to love each other and support each other….

Blessing or Curse?

This is a repost I thought I would share by Dan Miller. It’s an eye opener. I think even as Christians we are quick to panic with changes and happenings.

Blessing or Curse?

Dan Miller

Like most everyone today, I have been hearing a lot of examples of hardships this week. No jobs, no retirement funds, worthless stock, cancelled vacations, new violence and political unrest, and general uncertainty. Rather than trying to create something profound I’d like to share this old story.

Once there was an old man who lived in a tiny village. Although poor, he was envied by all, because he owned a beautiful white horse. People offered fabulous prices for the horse, but the old man always refused. “This horse is a friend, not a possession,” he would respond.

One morning the horse was not in the stable. All the villagers said, “You old fool. We told you someone would steal that beautiful horse. You could at least have gotten the money. Now the horse is gone, and you’ve been cursed with misfortune.”

The old man responded, “Perhaps. All I know is that my horse is gone; the rest I do not know. Whether it be a curse or a blessing, I can’t say.”

After fifteen days the horse returned. He hadn’t been stolen; he had run away into the forest. Not only had he returned, he had brought a dozen wild horses back with him. Once again the village people gathered around the old man and said, “You were right – what we thought was a curse was a blessing. Please forgive us.” The old man responded, “Perhaps. Once again you’ve gone too far. How do you know if this is a blessing or a curse? Unless you can see the whole story, how can you judge?” But the people could only see the obvious. The old man now had twelve additional horses that could be broken and sold for a great deal of money.

The old man had a son, an only son. He began to break the wild horses. Unfortunately, after just a few days, he fell from a horse and broke both his legs. Once again the villagers gathered around the old man and said, “You were right. The wild horses were not a blessing; they were a curse. Your only son has broken his legs and now in your old age you have no one to help you. You are poorer than ever.” But the old man said,“Perhaps. Don’t go so far. Say only that my son broke his legs. We have only a fragment of the whole story.”

It so happened that a few weeks later the country went to war with a neighboring country. All the young men of the village were required to join the army. Only the son of the old man was excluded, because he had two broken legs. Once again the people gathered around, crying because there was little chance their sons would return. “You were right, old man. Your son’s accident was a blessing. Our sons are gone forever.”

The old man spoke again. “You people are always quick to jump to conclusions. Only God knows the final story.”

And so it is with our lives. What we see as a blessing or a curse may simply be part of God preparing us for what lies ahead. Be careful in seeing “disaster” in any change. Just recognize it as change – which opens the door for good as well as bad – for gain as well as possible loss.

When life gives us lemons…

As much as it pleases God to bless you, there will be moments when everything you try goes up in smoke. There will be moments when you are left groping through blinding tears and wailing questions of why. Plans and goals can be circumvented by the most disappointing of times, leaving you learning the art of patience and the acceptance of a denied request.

Quoted from T. D. Jakes

I thought we were over the plague…A.K.A. stomach flu….and I came down with it Saturday. There has been a whole lot of sickness here this year, but thank God nothing too serious…just disappointing. We have so far had sickness for Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Service, the New Years overnighter, and the first day of SOMA 😦

It’s disappointing to look forward to something (like the first day of SOMA) and something like sickness gets in the way.

It’s disappointing to plan…and plan…and plan…and then someone tells you to change your plans. (My well-meaning husband but aggravating and our house building-never-ending project)

I have definitely been disappointed lately…but that is the beauty of God. His plans are not always our plans. And what would be good and does not come can turn out to become something great instead.

Not really sure how me being sick and having to miss the first SOMA (SIGH) will turn out to be great…still waiting on that …but I will keep you posted. LOL 🙂

My Baby turned 13 yesterday..

My oldest daughter turned 13 yesterday:-( {That pic is actually from Christmas because I haven’t had time to download any others …but don’t judge me it was recent….lol}

It’s so WEIRD to have to say”teen” after her age now! I guess that’s part of life… but its hard not to get a lil misty eyed thinking about her curl- headed lil self when she was little, she was so cute and sweet…and now…well….she is still cute. LOL.

Ahhh…on now to the teenage years of makeup and dating {gag}. Just keep me in your prayers…well probably oughta keep her in your prayers…cause I have been planning my retaliation for years. Muah Ha Ha